Discover the essence of Balinese cuisine and culture with a collection of enriching culinary adventures. Alongside Cooking Classes at Will Meyrick’s villa in Canggu, Street Food Tours in Denpasar, and a two-day, one-night cultural immersion in North Bali, and now a culinary cruise in the Indonesian seas, each experience offers a unique and memorable journey into the heart of local flavors and traditions.

North Bali Uncharted

Discover the untold stories of North Bali’s culture and cuisine through the eyes of Chef Meyrick. Led by his team of local experts, this two-day journey takes you across breathtaking landscapes and traditional villages, unveiling the authentic wonders and flavors of this enchanting region like never before.

Street Food Tours in Denpasar

For those who wish to experience Chef Meyrick’s ‘pilgrimage’ by themselves, the Street Food Tour is ready to cater to their curiosity.

Dive intimately into the heart of local warungs and traditional markets that have inspired the flavors of his renowned restaurants.

This is your passport to an authentic culinary exploration, where hidden gems and genuine flavors await.

Cooking Classes in Canggu

Step into Chef Meyrick’s shoes and master the art of Balinese cuisine in a breathtaking villa setting in Canggu.

Whether you choose a morning or afternoon session, you’ll embark on a hands-on journey through the preparation of traditional dishes, guided by an expert chef in mastering two main dishes, one vegetable dish, and two sauces that you will get to relish right away.

Private classes are also available for tailor-made learning experience.