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“Food is the way to one’s heart, but it’s also the best way to get a deeper insight into local culture. That’s why we love the foodie experiences with Bali’s own “Street Food Chef”, Will Meyrick. Will’s culinary adventures take you to the heart and soul of Bali, with four different experiences to choose from.”
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In my interview with Lisa Cam at Mama San, I delve into my journey of experimenting with Balinese babi guling. I discuss the challenges of using organic black swayback pigs from my friend George’s Bali Heritage Pig Farms. Through techniques like grilling and dry-aging, I aim to preserve Balinese culinary traditions while incorporating modern methods. This approach highlights our commitment to sustainability and rich flavors.

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The goat curry, inspired by Will’s journeys to Calcutta, is one example of how these stories and ingredients come together on the plate – it’s a spicy, hearty dish with its origins firmly in tradition and now also its own Will St. story.

Thrilled to share a snippet of our Calcutta Goat Nihari at Will St., beautifully captured by Rare Medium for their latest online magazine edition!

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‘Urvika Kanoi is the kind of dedicated gourmand who does all the research and knows exactly where to find the best meals. So last year, for a friend’s bachelorette in Bali, Indonesia, Kanoi planned to take the girl gang to a unique woodfire restaurant in Ubud. Honey and Smoke, as the name suggests, is an open-fire bistro in a chill speakeasy setting.

“The place serves everything from tempura zucchini flowers and wood-roasted carrots to lamb shanks and beef cheek. Everything they tried was memorable, she says. But what stood out was the way local greens were served on “unusual bases” she says. The chef, Will Meyrick, “made a ricotta with mozzarella on toast, which was excellent. The kale and broccoli was covered in spices and was on a bed of molasses and whipped yoghurt, with asparagus.”
The best part of the visit, however, was that the restaurant kept the kitchen open when they found out that one of her friends was on the other side of town, an hour away, after she ended up at the wrong restaurant!.”

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“We love that while the menu takes cues from Meyrick’s endless Asian culinary adventures, the dishes lean heavily on native, local produce. Think fresh local oysters topped with a sweet, salty and sour native galangal and lemon myrtle nam jihm dressing (our fave way to take oysters now) and Calcutta goat nihari with warrigal greens.”
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From roadside warungs to bustling markets, Will Meyrick, who is known as “The Street Food Chef,” is taking us to his favorite haunts and hidden gems in Denpasar, where the real magic happens. Chef Meyrick isn’t just here to show us where to eat – he’s our ticket to an insider’s look at Balinese culture. Tune in to hear Michael, Vanessa, and Will talk about how spirituality is a big facet of how Will runs his restaurants, and how Asian culture inspired his passion for food.
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Will Meyrick’s Top 5 places in Denpasar

The West Australian: February 2024

Last year, a whopping 1.2 million Australians holidayed in Bali. But only a fraction of them spent any time in the capital Denpasar, as there’s not much information available on what to see and do. To find out what’s on offer, I went walkabout in the capital with Will Meyrick, owner of Will Street in Perth and half a dozen other Asian-inspired restaurants in Bali.
by Dave Smith & Will Meyrick
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