Sizzling Globetrotter

Philip Jenkins’ Flavorful Odyssey with the Hibachi Tabo Grill

Welcome, road trippers! Today, I’m cruising through flavor town with the man behind the sizzle, Phillip Jenkins, Chief Designer of the Hibachi Tabo Grill & Charcoal Grill Company. Get ready for a grill-tastic journey!
Our globetrotting designer Phil drew inspiration from the heart of Japan, blending classic ceramic Hibachi vibes with a dash of Aussie innovation. “Turbo-charging the Hibachi grill design,” he declared, and boy, did he deliver!
Five years on, the Hibachi Tabo is igniting the culinary scene Down Under. Celebrity chefs like Luke Mangan, Russell Blaikie, and Stuart Laws are fanning the flames of Phil’s fiery creation.

“It’s not just a grill; it’s an experience,” Phil exclaims. Chefs across Australia are singing its praises. Why? Because it’s Aussie-made, baby! Perth’s the birthplace, and Phil’s design genius shines through every stainless steel inch.

Phil’s dream? To take the Hibachi Tabo on a world tour! Global grill domination, anyone? “It needs to be shown around the world,” Phil insists, and we’re on board for the flavor expedition.

Now, buckle up as we dive into the Hibachi Tabo Classic. This bad boy, born five years ago, is the OG of Aussie grilling. Built to last generations, it’s not just a grill; it’s a family heirloom. Polished stainless steel? Check. Heat-retaining bricks? Check. Insulated body for tableside culinary magic? Double-check!

But wait, there’s more! Phil unveils the grill’s sidekick – a range of accessories ready to elevate your cooking game. Smoking, roasting, slow cooking – the Hibachi Tabo Classic is your passport to flavor paradise.

So, whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a kitchen rookie, hitch a ride with Phil and me on the Hibachi Tabo adventure. Stay tuned for more sizzle, more flavor, and a whole lot of grill-tastic fun!

Photo courtesy of Hibachi Tabo

Photo courtesy of Hibachi Tabo

Photo courtesy of Hibachi Tabo


16 Ruse Street, Osborne Park, WA 6017, Australia
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▸ Website: hibachitabo.com.au

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