Thailand’s Laksa: Khao Soi

if you’re ever in Northern Thailand, make sure to try this dish

Today I want to talk about Khao Soi, a dish that’s as much a journey as it is a meal. This dish, often called the laksa of Northern Thailand, has a fascinating story tied to the old caravan routes of Chinese-Muslim traders from Yunnan. They brought their love for noodles and spices as they traveled through Burma and Laos, eventually shaping Khao Soi into the beloved dish it is today in Chiang Mai. The magic of Khao Soi lies in its rich coconut milk broth, infused with an intricate mix of lemongrass, birdseye chilies, cardamom, and other spices. It’s not your typical Thai curry—it’s lighter, with a burst of flavors that are perfectly balanced with tender chicken, pork ribs, or beef. And let’s not forget the fun part: it’s served with both soft and crispy noodles, adding that delightful crunch

But Khao Soi isn’t just about tasting good. It’s a vibrant expression of culture, adapted across various regions. In Laos and Shan State (Myanmar), you might find versions with clear broths and tangier flavors, showing just how versatile this dish can be​.

So, if you’re ever in Northern Thailand, make sure to try this dish. It’s a culinary journey that showcases the beautiful blend of history and flavor that Thai cuisine has to offer. If you’re curious to whip up this dish at home, check out “Cooking At Home With Will Meyrick” on WMTV for a complete recipe and dive deeper into this amazing dish.


At Huen Phen in Chiang Mai, you’re in for a genuine treat of Northern Thai cuisine. The menu is a vibrant celebration of the region’s flavors, offering everything from hearty curries to zesty salads. Every dish is crafted to bring out the authentic tastes of the north, making it a perfect spot for anyone wanting to dive deep into local culinary traditions.
At Huen Phen, the Khao Soi is more than just a dish; it’s a culinary icon. The broth, a rich and creamy coconut curry, is spiced just right, enveloping the tender chicken that’s cooked to juicy perfection. But the magic doesn’t stop there. It’s the crispy fried noodles piled on top that bring the fun, adding a delightful crunch that dances beautifully with the silky broth beneath. Accompanied by traditional sides like tangy pickled mustard greens and a fresh squeeze of lime, each bowl is a celebration of texture and taste.
The ambiance of Huen Phen matches its food—rustic and richly cultural. During the day, it has a more casual vibe where you can see your meals being whipped up in an open kitchen. Come evening, the setting turns more intimate with a dining room filled with antiques, offering a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s just right for enjoying a feast of Northern Thai delights.


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