The Dam Restaurant

High Dining: Savoring Hemp-Fed Marron and Wagyu

As I embarked on a culinary journey in Denmark, West Australia, I found myself in the midst of pure natural beauty, nestled between the pristine Green’s Pool and the captivating Willam Bay National Park. The Dam Restaurant, situated on the enchanting family-owned Raintree Farm property, awaited me, promising an unforgettable experience in sustainable dining. This was an exploration of flavors, sustainability, and a deep connection to the land – all from my perspective.
Raintree Farm immediately captivated me with its commitment to sustainability. Their innovative approach of feeding hemp to their marron and wagyu cattle as a means to reduce CO2 emissions was a beacon of hope for the future of responsible farming. Nature and technology, in harmony, producing the finest ingredients while treading lightly on the environment – it was awe-inspiring.
My journey into Raintree Farm’s sustainable practices revealed the meticulous care and precision that goes into their hemp-fed marron and wagyu beef production. The synergy between nature’s bounty and responsible farming practices was evident in the tantalizing aromas that filled the air.
The true culinary magic, however, took place at The Dam Restaurant under the skilled hands of Sous Chef Noi Boonkerd. Her dedication to showcasing the region’s local produce was evident in every dish. It was my privilege to taste the hemp-fed marron and Wagyu steak, transformed into culinary masterpieces that transcended mere food. Noi’s passion was a testament to the art of cooking, grounded in a deep love for the land and its ingredients.
With every bite, I savored the rich flavors of Denmark, WA, and appreciated the marriage of sustainability and gastronomy. The Dam Restaurant’s commitment to local, sustainable ingredients was a delightful revelation, showcasing the essence of the region on each plate.
As I looked forward to the Taste Great Southern festival, I left The Dam Restaurant and Raintree Farm with a profound appreciation for the harmonious blend of sustainability and culinary excellence. This journey had not only expanded my palate but also reinforced the importance of responsible dining. Denmark, West Australia, had left an indelible mark on my culinary soul, and I couldn’t be more inspired to continue championing sustainable, locally sourced ingredients in my culinary adventures.


305 Wentworth Rd, Denmark WA 6333, Australia
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▸ Website: thedam.raintree.com.au

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